the spoonful 2017 part III

Let's start the day with a puppy pile. :)

And Sunday classes!

This weekend really passed too quickly. Before you know it it's time to say the thank yous.

I think we ate at this pub every day? :)

Oh, Voodoo Rooms, how I love you! Such a great place to have the last dance night of a weekend like this.

So, dancing:

And hanging out:

These should be a GIF. :)

Party in the DJ booth!

Oh, dance photography, you have my heart. Please keep hiring me to photograph dance events so I can keep doing this forever!
No, but seriously; I am humbled by the amount of love I've gotten for my photos from the Spoonful. It's dawning on me that people really do appreciate what I do. And people have been giving me the most beautiful compliments for my work. I'm so delighted. <3

Thank you Spoonful Gals for everything!

The day after, we met up at a pub which had a cinema in a back room. How great is that?! I wish I could have stayed all day, but we had a flight to catch; next year, remind me that I'll need to stay an extra day in Edinburgh, so that it doesn't end so fast. <3

the spoonful 2017 part II

Look, classes! I wasn't hired to shoot the classes, so I only took a couple of photos. And then I was just, you know, taking the classes. :)

Lunch break live music is the best.

Pizza for dinner! Delicious pizza.

I've been thinking about making a special archive with pictures of Johanna eating, or more specifically, pictures of Johanna looking enthusiastically at food. :)

This one was nice, too.

And then dancing:

The morning light at half past five in the morning after a night of wonderful dancing, is a very special kind of morning light.
Also: I knew I could get one more night's use out of my favorite pair of tights, and I had saved them for a special occasion; this was that special occasion.

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