ordinary life

Ordinary life, is, of course, not ordinary at all, spending summer in the UK. (I have a long post coming up on all the cultural differences I have found so far.) But it is the kind of title I would normally use for a post like this: A mix of all the small things that have happened lately and that ended up in my camera. So here are some things from my first three weeks in the UK:

Went to Liverpool to dance and watch Liam and Jane teach, which is a joy. I really like Mersey Swing and the atmosphere they create.

Afterward we went to the pub, because that is a thing that happens here. :)

This late afternoon light in the kitchen had me mesmerised.

Walking in Chester.

A Friday thing: Walking to the Brewery Tap (obviously there are a million other pubs to choose from, but this is the prettiest one and they have mild, so it's my favourite), and just sitting there with my book until Liam leaves work and meets me there. I love it.

[insert drool]

You know, just the regular grocery shopping with my boyfriend. :)

We watched the Sweden-England game at a pub in Manchester and I had the BEST time. Well, I didn't love that we lost. But just being there and enjoying the atmosphere was lovely. It was loud and happy and cheerful. And all the singing! :)

And then I got to end my Saturday with a lovely board game night with the best kind of people: Mike, Lucia and Liam.

Billy Joel | Summer, Highland Falls


So Amsterdam!
This is a post for all the things that weren't photography and singing, because I already posted about that here and here.

These two are the loveliest and I am proud and honoured that I get to sing in a band with them.

The name of the place were we played on the Saturday was Sexyland. I'm not even joking. It was a barn (but a very hipster barn). Named Sexyland. Very sexy. We laughed at that the entire weekend, and Gustav thought we were joking about the name of the place literally until he stood on the doorstep. :)

I took this adorable man out for pancakes at the same place where Mattias and I went last year, because some places are too good to not go back to.

Hej! Liam took this one.

Liam making dinner on the Sunday. We switched hosts mid-weekend, because our first host lived outside of the city with no public transport at all at night, and our host closed the venues every night, so we had to wait until very late before we could go home, which isn't optimal on a weekend where you're working. I was a sleep deprived wreck, to be honest. But after the first two days, when we moved so we could go home when we needed, I got enough sleep to do some good photography work and some good singing, so then I felt a lot better!

Let me show you in two photos why Liam and I are so good together.
This is my bag after one day:

This is Liam's bag after one day:


And then, on the Monday, Liam worked remotely,

while I walked through the streets of Amsterdam, enjoying all the beauty.

trippin' blues 2018 part II

Class time! Shooting classes is generally harder, because everyone is sweaty and wearing their most concentrating face. But the light in the class venue was so lovely that I wanted to eat it with a spoon.

On the Sunday night the music unfortunately was too loud for me to stay very long. :( Someone asked the sound technichian to turn the volume down but he didn't want to, so Liam and I had to take an early night; obviously I can't risk the health of my ears like that. But I could stay long enough to shoot the solo blues comp, which was a complete blast to watch!

And then I got a few shots of the dancing before the band came back on (the live band was the loudest bit, so that was when there was too much risk of damage to my ears):

The day after, I had a few hours of resting and walking around Amsterdam before Liam and I flew back to the UK. But that's for the next blog post!