god mat och fina miner

För två veckor sedan hade jag en snabb helg i Göteborg. Jag var där för en helgworkshop med min ena popkör, men hann träffa några av de bästa personerna också. Jag gick ut starkt på fredag morgon med frukost med Lisa.

Såhär fint hade hon gjort. Lyx att få sätta sig vid detta frukostbord!

Samma kväll fick jag sätta mig vid ett annat lyxigt bord. Carolina fyllde år och ställde till med middag, och alla dessa vackra personer var där:

Tack Carro, och grattis på födelsedagen igen! Det var precis den fest jag behövde.

Och kladdkakan var också jättegod.

På lördagen efter jobbet var det dans. Jag hade en så oväntat (!) fin danskväll på hemmaplan. De här tjusiga minerna från Lisa, Kate och Karin får representera kvällen. :)

Och sedan var det måndag och jag DJ:ade på Forum och hann knycka några kramar från Fia. <3

Harry Parry | Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise

lindy in the sky favourites

Last weekend, Mersey Swing organised its first ever weekend workshop, Lindy in the Sky! (Yes, the event was full of Beatles references, because Liverpool ...). I photographed the Saturday social for the event, which was a lovely social with brilliant music and pretty much all the loveliest people in the North. Here are some favourites:

Thanks to all the organisers and volunteers who made this such a fabulous event! I know how much hard work goes into it. <3

P.S.! My autumn schedule is filling up, so if anyone wants to book me, do it now, please! :) I still have a few available weekends for weddings or dance events.

the Bryan Ferry Orchestra | Slave to Love

a wednesday in london

My second day of solo touristing in London wasn't so much solo touristing, because I started the day with breakfast with this smiley face!

Katie is such a gem, inspiring, kind, fabulous and a delight to hang out with. <3

Also, the café we went to made latte art for my hot chocolate. I've never had that before!

After saying goodbye to Katie I went across the street to the Museum of Childhood and had a wander. Free museums are the best.

The monument for the Bethnal Green Tube Disaster of 1943 is beautiful, and it was a horrible disaster, but I'm so confused by the last phrase of the text. How could this have been the worst civilian disaster of the Second World War? How is the Holocaust not the worst civilian disaster? Or if it needs to be limited to a single event, how are the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki not that? Someone please explain!

After lunch I decided to find a park to stroll in, because parks are my favourite. I found Battersea Park, which was certainly big enough to spend an afternoon in.

Later, I went back to Anna's and spent the evening playing Codenames with her, a great ending to my last day in London!

Irma Thomas | Don't Mess With My Man