eat sleep dance - but mostly eat

So in my last post, I said that all we did at the Snowball was dance, eat and sleep. This is the post that will make it seem like we didn't even dance ... or sleep. Basically: This is the post with the food.

For example: We ate hamburgers. They were good. We had milkshakes with them. Salted caramel milkshakes. So after dinner, we had to roll back to the hotel (which was basically just down the street, so perfectly doable!).

And: We ate pizza. This was the "middle night" of our five nights of dancing - the one that was most difficult for all of us, I think - the one where I totally should have gone to bed at midnight but ended up fruitlessly trying to dance for several hours more before I gave up. And I was missing Liam, and felt like he was on the other side of the world. Nah, this was not a great night.

Worst bit though? When we left the restaurant, someone among us told the others that Carola was sat at the table next to us while we were eating, the table we had our backs to! I mean come on! That is the kind of thing you let your friends know. We're not even from Stockholm; we can be the embarrassing tourists if she should hear us whispering about her ...

And we went to Byn!

Johanna had been there before and said she wanted to take us.

And we are not the ones who are the ones, obviously.

Was just so happy to get to share my Snowball experience with Michael. Still can't believe he's only been back in my life for six months (after having been in Australia for three years). It was all kinds of lovely.

I couldn't even finish my galette? It was insane.

All in all, it was a fabulous Friday dinner.

The day after, we woke up at around one in the afternoon (because we had breakfast before going to bed at seven). Brunch seemed like a GOOD idea.

So Greasy Spoon it was! Johanna and I shared a veggie breakfast + pancakes, which is the best way to do it, so you get everything.

And that's the last of Stockholm! On to New Year's Eve soon. (Yes, I'm a little behind, but I'm working on it. Stuff has been happening. :))

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a day in stockholm

It may seem like all we did during the Snowball was dance, eat, and sleep. That is mostly true. But there was this one day where we managed to actually get out on the town! I can hardly believe it.

I was like, "I'm going to Fotografiska, company would be great!". My crew decided to join me. <3

I didn't love any of the exhibitions this time, but I enjoyed all of them.

Tired sweethearts!

When we were done at the museum, Julia took us to Älskade Traditioner for waffles. Which we were all very happy about. Also, not an ugly place:

And when we were full (halloumi, avocado & pico de gallo for me, thank you) I took them to Stockholm's best chocolate place:

This hot chocolate is so. Incredibly. Good.

(Excuse the weird hair, this hair is so much harder to do when washed, so basically ... don't wash it.)

Sebastian & Florence practising her Swedish in a book called Trouble in the Chocolate Factory. Too cute!


Very, very soon people started falling into piles. We were fairly tired at this point. :)

And then, after this lovely day, I pointed my friends in the direction of the tube, and chose to walk back to the hotel, so that I could have a winter afternoon walk through Stockholm with my long distance boyfriend in my ear.

the snowball part II

More Snowball!

And let me immediately introduce you to one of the main attractions of the whole event:


Yes, I am a breakfast person. Yes, hotel breakfasts with lots of lovely things to choose from make me happy.

But the best bit about this one, is you can dance until 7 AM, then have breakfast, then just take the elevator up to your room and fall into bed. Ah.

As you can see, at 7AM, certain people are slightly tired. It happens. :)

Also this portrait of Arja, Björn and Johanna in the elevator after exactly one of those breakfasts - one of my favourite photos from the event. :)

Here's a less favourite bit - my foot after having been stomped on. That hurt!

Back to good bits again: Lovely people I hung out with!

... And yes, these last two are taken at 5 in the morning just when the Main Ballroom closed. :)

There was a slow jam comp! Björn and I were in it! Obviously didn't make finals, but at least we weren't tapped out, always something. And I had a blast, it really was so much fun. I love dancing with Björn.

More dancing:

And to finish the Snowball photos off; I even loved the keycard. How could I not?

See you next year, Snowball. :)