the blues garden 2015: sunday

I have no other words for the Blues Garden today than that I had such a lovely time. I'm so inspired to dance more, to meet more people, to keep growing as a dancer and as an organizer of this event and to listen to (and sing!) even more blues music than I already do. Blues dancing has changed my life, for sure.

Eric Bibb | Don't Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down


the blues garden 2015: saturday

Saturday in the Garden: Amazing classes with some of the best blues dancers in the world, naps and card games, hugs and kisses, fantastic live music from Her Name & Mine and some late night soul in Wonderland.

Otis Redding | Down in the Valley


the blues garden 2015: friday

So, The Blues Garden. Best weekend of the year. And my favorite dance event in the world. (I wouldn't want to organize it if I hadn't felt that way.) (You can read about it here, and here are all my previous posts about the Blues Garden.)

(I didn't shoot much on Friday; to busy with preparations, last minute decisions and, well, dancing. There'll be some more from Saturday and Sunday in the next couple of days.)

Ruth Brown | I Don't Know