a moose blues mythology adventure

So, like I said, on the Saturday of Moose Blues, we went for an outing! The theme was "Norse mythology", so there were many stories about the old gods throughout the day. I haven't learned about those things since I was in third grade or something (wasn't that when we studied that in school?) so it was fun to revisit those stories. :)

We started off at Rådhuset with a quiz.

And then we had a mythology bingo! All these details were so well thought out.

Mattias, of course. Just because we started a band he is rapidly becoming the person I travel with the most. And I couldn't wish for a better travel friend. It's really nice to be around someone who knows you well, you know?

I even succeded to get myself in a picture for once! Here with my friend Sean. (Photo taken by Mattias.)

And theeen Sean asked if I wanted to borrow his wide angle lens. OMG so much fun! Everything looks crazy! :)

Look at those tiny wide angle feet! :)

After a little while (people had to get coffee or something) we continued. It was time to get to the boats!

(The boats are that way.)

Some more wide angle shots.

But after a while, I got tired of trying to work out a new lens and put my own trusty lens back on; it's just nice to feel comfortable and at home again, you know? It takes me a good amount of time to get used to new gear; I'm too much of an intuitive photographer.

After a lovely hour in great company on the boat, cruising through the archipelago, we got off at the main island.

We gathered for more stories about Oden and Freja and Tor and the gang ...

... and some fun games ...

... and then we walked over to the cute café for lunch.

All in all, I had a really great time. Outings are my favorite!

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snapshots from moose blues

I spent last weekend in Oslo for their yearly blues dance event, Moose Blues. It was a really nice weekend away! Mattias and I played on Friday (no photos from that yet but I think there will be later), so that was my primary reason for going, but why not stay and dance when I could, right?

Mattias and I were hosted by a wonderful fellow dancer, Silje. We had tacos on the balcony and I was once again reminded of how bad I am at understanding Norwegian (while of course she could understand me perfectly). Gah!

On Saturday, we went for a Norse mythology adventure. :) They have this thing at Moose Blues where you can choose between classes and some kind of outing on Saturday; naturally I chose the outing. But I took too many photos for this post. More later!

The evening venue was Teaterkjeller'n. Super nice!

Lovely dance people.

Lovely dance people playing with Francesca's phone (yes, she let them) :).

And during the tea dance at Bårdar, some awesome singing from people other than me, which is always fabulous. More live music to the people I say.

Fun fact: I'm going to my next blues event tomorrow - exactly three and a half days after I came back from Oslo. This blues thing is getting out of control! :)

Karen Dalton | It Hurts Me Too


Jag fick lite av en chock när jag gick ut på min morgonpromenad i morse. Så varmt? Och somrigt? I alla fall lite? Jag hade glömt hur sommaren känns, så som jag brukar bli positivt överraskad av de flesta årstider. Men då kom jag i alla fall att tänka på att - ja, att det faktiskt blir sommar snart. Och den här sommaren, den kommer bli fin.

Jag ska ha en alldeles fullspäckad sommar, för det är det jag gillar mest. Jag får inte alls till en sådan sommar som jag vill när jag försöker lämna plats att vara spontan. Dels är det alldeles för dyrt att vara spontan (eftersom alla billiga biljetter och boenden är slut), dels kan man inte knö in lika mycket äventyr (eftersom biljetter och boenden för de mest optimala datumen är slut eller för dyra), dels får man inte sällskap på alla sina braiga idéer när man är för sent ute eftersom ens vänner redan är upptagna med annat då. Det är klart, det gäller ju att känna sig själv, och välja äventyr som inte tröttar ut en utan snarare ger en mer energi. Många ensamma pauser och morgonpromenader att hämta lugn ur behöver jag också. Och det får jag, nu när jag lagt upp min sommar som jag vill. Här är mina planer:

Swingin' Spring, junihajk, visionshelg med Blues Gardeners, åka till landet, gig med Gentle Sorrows i Amsterdam, Edinburgh (the Spoonful), fjällvandring!, eventuellt Stockholm/ Herräng, nattbad, Medeltidsveckan, gelato.

Det blir nog bra det här, tror jag. Det har alltid blivit det hittills.

Ola Gjeilo | Michelle