right now

While walking home today, Central Reservation (the then again version) by Beth Orton came up on my iPod. I was suddenly transferred back in time to the end of ninth grade (age 15), when I listened to said song on my way home from school on a seemingly ordinary day, feeling so strongly that this is life - this is it - it is beginning.

And I hade the same feeling today. My favorite feeling in the whole world. This is it. This is life. It's beginning, right now.

(Photos from this ordinary, amazing day: Sang at a concert in a quite lovely old building, with the people shown.)

Tevin Campbell | I2I


  1. Just a shoutout: I really enjoy your photo blog. It is one of the few blogs that I keep up with every week.


  2. you have no idea how happy it makes me that you like it, and take the time to say it. thank you!

  3. Så vackert formulerat! Jag fattar precis vad du menar, och får samma känsla av den låten. Och så tänker jag ibland på dig när jag hör den för att jag vet att du tycker att det är den bästa låten på den albumet (och nuförtiden håller jag med).

  4. Some great pictures in this post. I like the washed out (?) look. Maybe I should stop being so colorfull :)
    (See e.g. my beach pics at www.betoerend.de/hula/
    It was a very colorfull day)

  5. cam: men tack! vad fint att du fattar. och att du tänker på mig. jag brukar tänka på dig när jag lyssnar på feel to believe, men jag minns inte riktigt varför, brukade du gilla den mest? kram!

    fabian: thank you! I think I can be colorful too, but some days are cloudy and washed out like that. and I like those days, too. :)