snow in the morning

This post has too many photos. You know how I say that ny morning walks are most often half an hour, but if it's beautiful out, I can stay outside for as long as I want? This was a morning like that, a morning that simply couldn't be spent indoors - it just couldn't. I was outside for hours without really walking very far; having to stop all the time to take photos, and take it all in, does take time, and it is the kind of time that you'll never regret spending.

This, the kind of beauty that makes it more difficult and at the same time easier to breathe; where everything is light, but has significance; this was the morning after Liam left, and in his words: We weren't even sad to part, because the connection doesn't stop. I miss him, but he is so close to me. Hours and hours on the phone almost every day - three or sometimes four but rarely less than two. I hardly sleep, but I'm entirely filled up with happiness.

Frida Sundemo | Gold - Pure version

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