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So. On Friday night in Herräng, I sat talking to Fia and some other friends. I was lamenting the fact that it was my last night in Herräng; I felt that I really wanted to stay. A conversation followed, that went something like this ...
- I'm going to Uppsala to visit friends tomorrow. I wish I could come back here after that, but I don't have a place to sleep.
- But I've borrowed a tent! There's room for you! Come stay with me! Fia exclaimed.
- That would be lovely, I said (rather happy and surprised), but I didn't think so far as to bring a sleeping bag ...
- But I have a sleeping bag, and I'm going home tomorrow. You can borrow mine, said Jonas.
- Really? Thank you! Do you have an air mattress as well?
- Well, no, I don't, he said, and my spirits sank.
- But I do, and I'm going home tomorrow, too, said Martina.
And just like that, it was settled. Isn't it strange how things work out?

That is just one of all the little things that have happened these past months, that more than ever have proved to me that if you do what you love and hope for the best - and, maybe most importantly, aren't afraid to tell people what you need and accept their help - good things will happen.

When I got back to Herräng after two nights in Uppsala (I can't even tell you how much I loved being able to just do that on a whim, as opposed to meticulously planning (i.e. worrying about) everything. Things have been happening in my life and in my mind this spring and summer, I tell you), I moved in with Fia, Sara and Ida in their two silver tents. Yay for awesome company!

We went to Bar Bedlam for dinner and were joined by Filip and his ukulele.

Speaking of ukulele, just an example of the sort of things that tend to happen in Herräng ... No talent of ukulele needed. :)

Beautiful people on their way to the evening meeting. <3 I had a lovely night of dancing that day, which ended sometime in the morning with some singing in the library during Gastons DJ set.

I got three hours or so of sleep, and then ... I got food poisoning. (Or at least - that's what I thought it was. Turns out that after I left, they turned off the water at Malmen because so many people had gotten sick. I didn't drink even one mouthful of that water, I showered in it and brushed my teeth in it, and apparently that was enough - or, if it really was food poisoning, it was a very odd coincidence that so many others got sick at the same time. Oh, well.)

I can inform you that being sick in Herräng is no fun. Being sick in Herräng when your tent is on the other side of the soccer field from the nearest toilet - even less so. Being close to a toilet seemed like a brilliant idea, so I spent most of that day laying in the ladies' changing room on a hard wooden bench (that is, until Tine stopped by, found me there and offered me her camping mattress, which was like heaven. THANK YOU.). But I had brought fluid replacement (I have no idea if that's actual English, I'm guessing, but I'm thinking you get what I'm after) and Fia brought me some bread that I slowly, slowly ate. So sometime in the late afternoon, I was feeling a lot better.

I had promised to do a little photo shoot for Swing (will show you later! I think sometime in the fall), so in the evening I went down to Folkets Hus to do that. When I came to Folkets Hus, I was met by a strange, thick feeling of sadness. Pictured are love letters to Lennart, one of the key persons behind Herräng Dance Camp. I'm not the right person to write more about the events that spurred these love letters, but if you're interested and care about Herräng, you can read about it here.

I sat talking to Michael for a while, since he is a nice person to be around, and since I was leaving the day after.

And then, I was still feeling rather weak after being sick all day and not eating a lot, so I decided to just go to bed and sleep through my last night in Herräng. All the things that happened that day made for a strange ending to my trip, but it doesn't matter. I simply decided that my last night in Herräng really was the lovely night before. The food poisoning (or whatever it was) was horrible, but only for a few hours, and it doesn't cloud my memories in the slightest. Actually ... I'd do it all again if it's what I'd have to pay for some more time in Herräng.

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