sitting at the foot of the blues part II

Sunday at Sitting at the Foot of the Blues!

I didn't take any photos at all during the classes that day. I was too busy changing my life plans. Isn't it funny how inspiration can strike you so suddenly, if you've done the work and are open for it? More on that some other time. :)

Liam and I went to dinner with Louise, because she's awesome and fabulous and just being in her company feels great.

And then, dancing!

Tonight's band, Tom Attah & Katie Bradley - so so good!

And here are my favourite dance photos from the night:

I think these newly-engaged cuties were dancing, but their dancing looked quite a lot like hugging. <3

This was my favourite dance to photograph this evening - SO MUCH SASS from these two.

And this was (yet another) one of my favourite parts of the weekend. Going back to Ryan and Anna's after the Sunday tea dance, tired and slow after a whole long dance weekend, and still choosing to stay up until 2.30 in the morning to talk about life, the universe and everything. I had such a great time. (Ryan isn't in the photos because he had fallen asleep on the floor at this point. I obviously regret now I didn't take a photo of that.)

Thinking about this weekend now already gives me the feels even though it's just two weeks ago. It was such a great experience for me. I did so much good thinking and learning and DANCING and feeling and loving. I'm so grateful for this community and the work that every single organiser, volunteer, musician, DJ, sound technician, teacher, photographer, care team member and blues historian puts into it. I'm so grateful! I would be a completely different person now if it hadn't been for blues dancing. And I would like that person less.

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