a hundred small towns (london pt. 1)

What can I say? I really liked London. It was like a small town ... or more like a hundred small towns next to each other. We compared it a lot to New York, of course - how could we not, when that was our most recent trip to a "big city". I was scared that London would be more like New York, but to my relief, it was nothing like it. To begin with, people were nice in London, people didn't scream at each other everywhere they went, and no one seemed stressed out. It was just plain lovely.

We took walks and went to museums (Tate Modern and the National Gallery) and took some more walks. And went to a brilliant church service in St Martin-in-the-Fields (we were just walking by on Sunday morning and the bells called us in). And went to see Chicago (which was so great! Even though I had to run out during the show and throw up. That was weird. I must have eaten something bad ... Luckily that was our last day there and the next day I just had to concentrate on getting to the airport without being sick again :)).

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