spending the day

This is a boring day (as was yesterday and the day before that). My stomach refuses to recover from whatever I did to it by eating something weird in London - I'm feeling sort of okay, but as soon as I think of food or eating, I start feeling sick again. So basically I'm not eating, and ... I'm feeling strange. So I'm spending the day on the couch, catching up on papers and magazines I subscribe to, but haven't had the time to read lately. They complete each other rather well, don't you think? I've also been watching a couple of bad, but funny, movies (with the monster for company of course) and spent too much time worrying about my uncertain future. Sigh.

Owen | I'm Not Going Anywhere Tonight


  1. haha! skitbra sätt att håva in kommentarer i bloggen - visa bilder på monstret :)