no more wasting time

Hello friends!
I'm cutting down on computer use during Lent (since Lent is the time for taking away things that are bad for you), so as you may have noticed I haven't been posting myuch. I've been checking some blogs today for the first time in more than a week, and I decided to only read the important ones (= belonging to my real friends). That was fun, I think I will stick to blog reading about once a week.

Facebook, flickr, mindless surfing and all the blogs that only make me feel bad because I'm not living the seemingly perfect life they show (I didn't know before how many of the blogs I read are actually like that!), are strictly forbidden. I check my e-mail about once a day though, if you want to reach me. (Or write a letter!)

Time is so valuable. Why have I been wasting it in front of the computer for so long?

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  1. Du har så rätt! Jag har dragit ned massor på bloggläsandet sen jag började jobba. Jag hinner ju helt enkelt inte! Förstår inte hur vuxna människor hinner med sina liv? Min adress finns på eniro.. Kram på dig!