roadtrip del 6: ett besök på moderna museet

Modern konst fascinerar och inspirerar mig ofta men inte alltid. Ibland är det bara ett provokativt slöseri med tid. Denna gång på Moderna Museet hade jag tur och fick uppleva två fantastiska utställningar, båda helt i min smak: Explosion! Måleri som handling, om konceptkonst, performance, action painting, installationer och så vidare, och Yoko Ono: Grapefruit som utgår ifrån hennes rätt underbara bok med samma namn. Alltså jag var så impad och lycklig. Se dem om ni har möjlighet!


Modern art fascinates and inspires me often but not always. Sometimes it's just a provocative waste of time. This time at Moderna Museet I was lucky and got to experience two fantastic exhibitions, both right up my alley: Explosion! Painting as Action, about concept art, performance, action painting, installations and the like, and Yoko Ono: Grapefruit which is based on her pretty marvellous book with the same name. I was so impressed and happy. See them if you can!

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  1. "provocative waste of time" is such a great way to describe some modern art. when we were in Ghent, Belgium, there was a modern exhibit set up in a church and it just felt all wrong. like you, I'm not against it but only when it's done well. your photos of the work are great! i love that wish tree. art that the viewer can interact with is most fascinating.

    1. I agree, it is the most fascinating! there were quite a lot of pieces like that in the yoko ono exhibition (not surprisingly since it was based on a book filled with experiments). it really was a great experience.