the snowball part II

More Snowball!

And let me immediately introduce you to one of the main attractions of the whole event:


Yes, I am a breakfast person. Yes, hotel breakfasts with lots of lovely things to choose from make me happy.

But the best bit about this one, is you can dance until 7 AM, then have breakfast, then just take the elevator up to your room and fall into bed. Ah.

As you can see, at 7AM, certain people are slightly tired. It happens. :)

Also this portrait of Arja, Björn and Johanna in the elevator after exactly one of those breakfasts - one of my favourite photos from the event. :)

Here's a less favourite bit - my foot after having been stomped on. That hurt!

Back to good bits again: Lovely people I hung out with!

... And yes, these last two are taken at 5 in the morning just when the Main Ballroom closed. :)

There was a slow jam comp! Björn and I were in it! Obviously didn't make finals, but at least we weren't tapped out, always something. And I had a blast, it really was so much fun. I love dancing with Björn.

More dancing:

And to finish the Snowball photos off; I even loved the keycard. How could I not?

See you next year, Snowball. :)

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