sunday at london lindy exchange

At the very end of the six weeks I spend abroad, we went to London! Because London Lindy Exchange.

I didn't take any photos on Friday or Saturday; too busy dancing in the evening and being lazy in the day, so this is all Sunday. By the way, I've got a post coming up with my thoughts on dancing in the UK compared to back home, as soon as I've gathered my thoughts a little bit better. But let's just say this for now: I love dancing in the UK. I have the MOST fun, every time. LLX was no exception.

It was summer and sunny and we went for a walk.

Met up with these crazy people

Did some more walking

The way everyone starts talking with their hands so much more when they try to act natural in front of a camera. :)

Then we went to a Pimm's party with this view.

But everyone there except the people I came with was new to me, so I didn't want to stick my camera in their faces the way I do with people I've known for, say, more than an hour. :)

The reasons for the unusually large amount (even for me) of photos taken of Liam this day: This was our last day together after almost two weeks in a row. And more time together does NOT make it easier to say goodbye. Even though I didn't notice I took more photos of him while I was doing it, what ends up in my camera is almost always pretty representative of how I was feeling. (But also, just look at this gorgeous human.)

Gordon Webster played the after party at Loose Cannon. I like his swing sets, but what he played here was not music I like to partner dance to. However, I hope I will remember their rendition of Mercy, Mercy, Mercy forever. It was the highlight of my evening.

I don't know how this happened. :)

We stayed until they closed at five, and then we walked to Blackfriars where I took the train to the airport to go home. But first:
- Look at that light over the bridge! Will you come with me so I can take photos? I said.
- Of course, he said.

It was a magical moment.

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