two more days in new york

The drive from the Blues Experiment in North Carolina back to New York was SO GREAT. I only took this one photo (<3) but the whole day was the same amount of fabulous. There's just nothing like spending a whole day intensely hanging out with amazing women. We did ALL the talking. I'm so grateful to have my crew: Virginia, Laura, Isabelle and Emily.

And later, when we drove into New York, Virginia offered to drive as slow as she could so that I could take this photo. True love right there.

The day after, we had some more New York time!

I had the company of these lovely ladies.

But after a little while it turned out that they mostly wanted to go shopping, which is one of the most MEH things ever in my world, so I said goodbye and went for a walk instead.

I decided on Central Park, because pretty.

All the spring everywhere!

I liked walking slowly and reading the signs on the benches. This one was my favourite.

In the evening, this lovely man took me out to dinner. Thanks for being a wonderful host and all around awesome person, Loren!

Then I went dancing! It was the start of bal week in New York and I couldn't miss that, could I?

I didn't take any photos of the dancing, but this is what I looked like! I had so much fun. :) Photo: Nina Galicheva

Spring continued the next day (who would have thought).

I met up with Isabelle in Bryant Park for a goodbye lunch, since she stayed for a few extra days. I'm really glad I got to travel with Isabelle. She was the best company I could have wished for.

After that, I decided to spend my last few hours in New York at the Met, one of my favourite art museums in the world.

This exhibition was so fabulous and inspiring!

This. Yes, yes, yes.

Then I did some more arting:

But too soon, it was time to say goodbye to New York and head home.

And by home, I apparently mean Chester.

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