blues in the hudd 2018 part III

Blues in the Hudd part III! (Here's part I and part II.) Here are some bits and pieces of the Sunday classes:

Pizza time!

Small Seeds with its fairy lights and huge tree in the middle of the dance floor makes for a beatiful backdrop for my photos. Here are my favourites from Sunday night:

Since Blues in the Hudd this year was two weeks later in November than last year, Liam and I got to spend the anniversary of our first date on the exact spot where we had our very first dance (which happened two weeks before our first date). Years and seasons matter to me; I rely heavily on the changes of seasons, colours, weather and pace of life that a full year contains for my happiness, and that makes anniversaries important too. This one is extra important. The first year of the rest of my life.

<3 Blues in the Hudd!

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