a day trip

"Utflykt" is one of my favorite words in Swedish. Ut + flykt. Out + flight. Flying out. Also, going for a utflykt (my dictionary translates it to "outing" or "day trip") is something everyone did when we were smaller (to Slottsskogen, or to Ruddalen to go ice skating, or out in the woods for a walk with picknick), but people don't seem to do enough of it nowadays. I believe a utflykt is good for everyone!

We went to Nordiska Akvarellmuseet in Skärhamn to look at interesting and/ or beautiful watercolors, sit outside in the sun for a long while and admire the lovely landscape from the car (and two times I had to say "stop! We have to turn around, I have to take a picture!"). It's been a good day, good to the point of magical. I wish you a pleasant day trip too.

Anders Paulsson | Dance to Life


  1. ååå, jag borde verkligen åka på fler utflykter. jag längtar hem också... till kungälv och till väst. jag kommer hem 26 februari och är hemma till 1 mars. har du tid å ses nåt då? jag är upptagen söndag och lördag (tror jag)...
    idag ska jag på retreat.
    kram kram

  2. Utflykter är bra! (Retreat kan väl fungera som utflykt?) Jag åker ju till London den 28, men vi kan väl boka fredagen? Kram!