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Typography is one of the things I wish I knew more about - a lot more. I've been interested for ages but haven't really dug deep. Fortunately I am not dead yet and there is still time to learn. There are so many things I want to learn! When happiness returned, so did my curiosity. It is one of my best friends.

+ A most adorable jazz concert with Anders Persson Trio and Musicmusicmusic on Monday. Both trios were terribly cute and fun and played beautiful melodies.
+ I thought ceramics really wouldn't be my thing - and I don't think I've "gotten it" yet - but it's great meditation. I'm allowing myself to do it slowly.
+ I had a bad headache yesterday and had to stay home from choir. I was a little down for a moment but decided that I was not going to see it as a failure. It worked!
+ Life is good!

Brad Mehldau Trio | She's Leaving Home

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