sunny sunday

Walking to church and back. It's been a pleasantly calm weekend; I can't even tell you how much I enjoy not having homework. No black clouds hanging over your shoulders. It's brilliant, and it's free time for real.

Also, I was wondering why no one wrote any comments, now that the blog is new and all. Then I realized I had unknowingly decided that only people with a google account could comment. I think that explains at least a little bit of it. :) Problem solved now however, so comment away, friends! :)

Dianne Reeves | When You Know


  1. Jag har ju ett googlekonto, så det är inte det som hejdat mig, men nu jämrans: Fin ny fotoblogg! :)

  2. Karin: Ja, jag tänkte nog att det bara förklarade en liten del av bristen på kommentarer. Men nu kommenterade du ju i alla fall :) Tack så hemskt mycket! :)