to not see how lucky I am

I was a little sad, having heard (all right ... seen ... on facebook) that some old friends of mine are having a party and I'm not invited (not that I'm uninvited I'm sure - I'm just not thought of, and I'm not sure what is worse). So I was a little sad, feeling, well, the usual: I have no friends, I am boring, I stay at home too much, I have no life, etc. (Weird how some thoughts grow so very fast, isn't it?)

And then I started thinking ... And I realised that SO many people around the world would kill to have what I have, right now. (An apartment, an education, freedom of speech, food in my belly etc - yes, that too, but it wasn't what I was thinking about primarily.)

I have a boyfriend who loves me so much I can't even try to grasp it. I have the whole evening to spend with him, in our home. I have orange and red and hot pink candles lit, I have a pint of Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk to share with aforementioned boyfriend (although I eat most of it), and a game of Trivial Pursuit. I am home.

I would be immensely stupid to not see how lucky I am.

Kraja, Jonas Knutsson och Johan Norberg | Den signade dag


  1. Hejsan!
    Jag har varit fruktansvärt dåligt på att lämna några kommentarer här men jag ville att du ska veta att jag läser! Och njuter av dina fotografier.. vilket ger mig lust att fota själv. Stor kram på dig vännen! Du är älskad!

  2. vad rart av dig, tack! och vad roligt att du blir inspirerad till att fotografera. stora kramar!