ordinary friday

An ordinary Friday at shool:
+ Somewhere deep in the darkness in that oven is my vase ... I'm hoping it's going to be blue when the oven's done on Monday, but you never know with glaze.
+ Those mugs are my favorite things around here - there are tons of things like that, that students before me left here, things they forgot or didn't like. I love them, with the runny glaze and all, and I wish I could make something like them someday.
+ Mimmi's angel. Some people can just whip out whatever they like from a piece of clay. How do they do it?
+ That's my friend Karl. He started here surprisingly a few weeks after the rest of us, and thank God he did so. He is great! Nice, adorable and very art deco.

Later in the evening, Bersa and David and I went to a beautiful concert with Anúna in Annedalskyrkan. So very inspiring and for me, in some ways, sad (which didn't make it less beautiful). Then we sat talking at a café until late. A good day.

Anúna | Jerusalem

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