before the blues garden

This year, I actually also remembered to take some photos before the Blues Garden started! We always spend the whole Friday at Forum with the decorations and other preparations - it's stressful, but it's cozy too, and I wanted to capture what we do.

Well, we have fika, of course. :)

This staircase is impossible to photograph in whole (you can only get the bottom or the top in the same shot) - you just have to see it. The paper flowers make a complete rainbow.

This damn tulle roof every year! It is an insane hassle to put it up. And it takes many hours. But it really does change the mood of the space completely, so we've considered it worth it, so far.

Best part of the day

We bought some fika. :)

Our very favorite volunteer stopped by and helped us for a few hours! Emmeline is the best.

Oh, and her dad is OK too. :)

Elin and Kristian taking care of all the flowers.

After a while, this amazing technique for moving the roof without a stepladder was invented. Mind is blown!

And then Maëlle came and helped us, too! (Both Daniel and Maëlle simply asked us if we needed help. The answer, of course, is always YES. So they just came and worked for several hours, asking nothing in return. That is pretty much any organiser's dream.)

Here's me! I put up a photo wall (which was a great success!) with photos from 2014, 2015 and 2016. Photo by Joel Höglund.

I made this banner for our first year, and it still makes me giddy-happy to see it. (The S is torn, so this year I mended it with tape. :))

Just a little while after this we opened the gates to our magical Garden - but you've seen that already, of course. :)

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