fair city blues part II

On Saturday we woke up to this lovely weather and went to classes. I didn't take a single photo of them, but I enjoyed them a lot and was reminded of some things that I needed to hear. So that was great!

Then we went home to get some rest, and then we went to the Saturday dance. (Yeah, I know, so many photos from bridges ... But it was just so pretty!)

And look who played on Saturday night? Our friend Christoffer! So this must be the first blues dance festival outside of Sweden that has actually booked two acts from Gothenburg? The organisers posted this on their facebook page when they introduced the bands: "Since he also hails from Gothenburg, we are wondering if there is some bluesy magic in the water over there". Ha! There totally is! :)

(Actually though, I am wondering why there aren't more blues dance bands (and by that, I mean blues bands with blues dancers in them) from other cities? I feel like in swing dance, everybody and their aunt picks up an instrument after a while, starts to play and forms bands. And bands get booked left and right - many without being very good, which gives them opportunities to practise playing for people, which in some cases (but not all) helps them get better. Why isn't it the same in blues?)

And now, dance photos! I didn't get many, because they had an official photographer and I didn't want to disturb people when there was already someone else clicking away in the room. But I took a few, just to try and capture the mood of this evening:

This is my favorite photo from the day. :) I think it's the most "Annette" photo I've ever taken!

Here's a photo I didn't take: My very best dance of the night was with myself. So weird and (for me) unusal when that happens! Christoffer was playing A Case of You by Joni Mitchell; a song that has been one of my favorites since I was in high school. I've performed it myself loads of times; it means so much to me that I even sang it at my graduation concert when I graduated from the Academy of Music and Drama. Christoffer's version is truly beautiful and I was solo dancing to it in a state of complete emotional bliss. (I'm thinking it may be hard to understand for non-dancers; but all of you dancers who read this, I think you know what I mean.)

I wasn't just dancing - there was also a lot och talking and catching up with friends to do. Oh, and here's the complete history of the languages of the British Isles, drawn and explained by Gordon. :)

All in all, it was a lovely night.

P.S. ... If you were one of the people who don't know me (yet) but saw me at Fair City Blues and asked me/ wondered if Mattias and I are a romantic couple: No, we are not. :) I completely adore him and he is a very close friend of mine, but we are not a couple. We are extremely different in everything from temperament to interests (except for dance), but we travel together very well, and we play together even better - or at least I hope you agree. :) (As a matter of fact, we are both in relationships with someone we met through blues dancing. :) This is Mattias' girlfriend Anna and this is my partner Jens. So now you have the whole scoop! :))

(Here's part I of this trip.)

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