fair city blues part III

On Sunday, we skipped classes! Yeah, I know. Bad blues dancing student! But we both felt that we more than anything else needed some rest and vacation time. It's a hard choice to make, because the teachers are so awesome, and there's always more to learn - but sometimes you need to listen to your body, you know?

We slept in and then had brunch at this place we found called Wuff. It was crowded and noisy but their vegetarian brekfast was sooo goood. As in, I even enjoyed the baked beans. When did that ever happen before?

After brunch we walked a couple of blocks to the Museum of History and Decorative Arts. Because we love museums.

We looked at things for a while, but the best exhibition was the one about the Easter Rising. Didn't photograph it, because of crying. I have to admit I hadn't really ... gotten it? Not that I still do. I don't think I can ever "get it". What I'm trying to say is, I felt really stupid for not understanding how much this still is a really big deal. I mean, it's all over Dublin, everywhere we went, there were signs, memorials and art about it.

More walking! We went to a huge park. So huge that we got tired after a while and turned around. :)

And then all of a sudden it was late afternoon and time to rest, get ready and walk to the Sunday social dance.

It was FABULOUS. Such a great party!

Also, look at this place? The Liquor Rooms immediately went to the top of my list for blues dancing venues (except for Forum which is always the best, hehe :)). There was space for dancing and and sitting down to relaxing in comfy armchairs ...

... and they had drinks. :) Like this one called Funny in Sweden. Ha! The text says "Created by our Swedish bartender John Norrman, who is known for spurting out the most ridiculous statements & jokes that could only be considered funny in Sweden". In the bottom corner was this joke: "- Why do you never see elephants hiding in trees? - Because they're really good at it". I laughed out loud when I read that. How does someone not find that funny? ... So I guess I must be pretty Swedish after all. :)

I didn't get that drink though, because I prefer my drinks sour, fruity & sweet as opposed to bitter. I got the Lazy Daisy Swizzle and it was delicious.

And here is my Swedish bartender! :) (Not the one who created the Funny in Sweden drink. But still funny to see everyone's heads turning when we started to speak Swedish. :)) Also, it was a treat just watching her at work. She was So Fast.

Annette, dancing as always when she DJ:s. <3

Here's a photo I didn't take: Annette played a song by my band, the Sky is Crying (actually it was a version of Miss Celie's Blues). She smiled and pointed at me and I got so shy and embarrassed that I literally ran an hid. What? Why? I don't know? It was so BIZARRE. Singing on stage has become as natural as talking to me. But hearing my own voice on a recording played to a dancing crowd - that was really strange. In a not altogether uncomfortable way. :)

This is my favorite photo of the night. I know - I have weird taste. But I just like the colors and the movement so much. And the depth of field and the slight grain. It captures the mood of my memories from the party so well, even though it's far from the traditional "good dance photo".

Here's another photo I didn't take: There was a loudspeaker of the perfect size just next to the dance floor, to one side of the DJ booth. The perfect size in this case meant just the right size for me to crawl up on it and sit comfortably on something like a high, large, square stool. It was getting late - or rather, early - and I was a little tired, but in the good way - you know the way that makes you feel like not dancing is perfect? I sat there enjoying my drink and the mood of the party, while Dan Repsch, who was DJ:ing, created the perfect soul party.

And I couldn't help but thinking: This is it. This is what I dreamed of as a teenager.

You know, when I turned 18 and started going out, I just wanted to dance. But there were so few clubs that had good music. And even if they did, my friends and I would often be the only ones dancing. I wanted a dance floor crowded with people who can really move. Where no one was drunk and everyone happy, and the music just deliriously great. This is it, I realised. Through blues dancing, I found it. Who would have thought?

I thought: I have to go get my camera.
And then I knew: I can't miss this.
So I didn't.

And then we went to dance on Ha'penny Bridge.

And that's the lot, my friends; another lovely dance event comes to and end. Luckily, there's more dance events to come - I have four more booked between now and July. Heh! That sounds crazy when I say it out loud! I haven't counted before. :) Let me just say, it's really convenient for your wallet when your hobby starts to pay for itself through singing and photography. :)

Mark Ronson | Uptown Funk

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