snapshots from moose blues

I spent last weekend in Oslo for their yearly blues dance event, Moose Blues. It was a really nice weekend away! Mattias and I played on Friday (no photos from that yet but I think there will be later), so that was my primary reason for going, but why not stay and dance when I could, right?

Mattias and I were hosted by a wonderful fellow dancer, Silje. We had tacos on the balcony and I was once again reminded of how bad I am at understanding Norwegian (while of course she could understand me perfectly). Gah!

On Saturday, we went for a Norse mythology adventure. :) They have this thing at Moose Blues where you can choose between classes and some kind of outing on Saturday; naturally I chose the outing. But I took too many photos for this post. More later!

The evening venue was Teaterkjeller'n. Super nice!

Lovely dance people.

Lovely dance people playing with Francesca's phone (yes, she let them) :).

And during the tea dance at Bårdar, some awesome singing from people other than me, which is always fabulous. More live music to the people I say.

Fun fact: I'm going to my next blues event tomorrow - exactly three and a half days after I came back from Oslo. This blues thing is getting out of control! :)

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  1. Wow, such great pictures! Was an honour hosting you guys. Enjoy dancing!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you liked them. :) It was so great staying with you!