stockholm blues fest part III

Day 3 of Stockholm Blues Fest was my favorite. By this time I had really sunk into a kind of comfortable ease where everything just ... flowed. I don't think I knew at all during the day what time it was; there was no need. When it was time for dinner, people would move toward the building where we ate. When there were activities, someone would come to tell you to gather around, or you would just walk around slowly and notice what was happening. And when I got tired I took a nap, and when I felt like dancing, I danced. It was all kinds of lovely.

Breakfast in the sun. What's not to like?

Steve, summoning us to the morning class with his bell. :)

Class with Leigh and Dáire, yay!

Honestly Leigh you're too gorgeous.

After class: swim time!!! :)

Yes, it was cold at first, as my facial expression would tell you. :)

But it was lovely, oh so lovely! And my first swim of the year and all! I always say that it's going to be a good summer for swimming when I take my first swim (without sauna) in May (or before). (My personal record: 26 April, which then turned into the amazing summer of 2014, so I have high hopes for this one.)

After a short walk I happened upon a table full of origami! What to do but sit down and join?

I had no idea what I was doing but, we were all in Annette's loving hands. :)

This photo is a total fake! Mathilde leaned back for just a second, and it looked so nice that I asked her to do it again while I got my camera out. "It really wasn't very comfortable ..." she said, but she did it anyway, so I could take a photo. :) The afternoon sunshine though is totally real.

When I took this, we were lying down on a blanket in a pile of people, and I put the camera on Xan's chest to get the angle I wanted. At one point Nikola made a grimace and I said "no, stop that!" and Xan said "what, breathing?!" because he thought I meant that I wanted his chest to stop moving. Ha! :)

Our very own champion glitter wrestler! (I forced him to describe what glitter wrestling is in Swedish so he could practise. That was a lot of fun. You did great, Geoff! :)) (I force everyone I know who move here from another country to practise Swedish with me. :) I feel like Swedish people are doing them a disservice by speaking English all the time, because then they will never know this beautiful language, right? And isn't it a shame that it's possible to live here for years and years and never learn Swedish?)

Another one of Nikola.

Late afternoon African dance class (which was way too high intensity for me to take part in at that point :)).

Hanna, Xan and Peter.

After dinner I went up to the hostel to get an hour or so of sleep, and when I went back down to dance, this was the sky.

And when I left at 3 AM, this is what I saw.

Kristine and I decided to take a short walk before we went to bed. It made me think about light, and my perception of it. It's obvious that my camera sees more light than I do with my own eyes. But I know that (compared to everyone I know) my night vision is completely awful (if I could put all of my ex boyfriends' collected laughter about my lack of night vision in a pile, it would reach the moon); and I chose this camera body specifically because it was said to work well in low-light conditions (which it does, I'm never disappointed, even though the choice of lens would normally make a greater difference than the camera body). So who's right about how dark it is - my camera or me?

This twilight stillness has my heart.

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