stockholm blues fest part II

Day 2 of Stockholm Blues Fest: blue skies and sun and more dancing.

Well, hello there. :)

Lunch in the sun!

Then I took an afternoon walk. Because alone time. (In case you want to know why I often go for walks when I'm traveling, I wrote a blog post (in Swedish) about HSP in combination with traveling three years ago, after a week in Verona. You can read it here. Also, this list describes me exactly, except 5 and 14: 16 Habits Of Highly Sensitive People.)

More classes!

Lobster claws for the leads, fox ears for the follows. :)

After dinner I went back to our room to rest a little. I was so lucky with my roommates; this is the amazing Kristine, who very quickly became my good friend. <3

Time to dance!

Oh, look, it's the Storm and the Fire! I've always liked their music (not just because Elin and Hannah are good friends of mine, heh), but I think this gig was their best ever. My god these musicians are too fabulous for words.

(On a sidenote: The best promo photos I've ever taken are of the Storm and the Fire! I'm not sure if they still use them, but I'm still super proud of the work we did on a cold November day three and a half years ago. You can see a few of them here.)

A very tiny blues dancer. :)

More blues dance travels? See dance travel photography blogging: an archive.

Professor Longhair | Big Chief (Pt. 2)

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