stockholm blues fest part IV

Good morning! Day 4 of Stockholm Blues Fest was shorter, of course, because it was time to go home, but before that ...

... let's have insane amounts of scrambled eggs. I wish I had had a box of matches or something to show the size of this thing. It made my breakfast-loving self very happy.

Good morning Robert!

Last class of the weekend.

Xan's very concentrated class face. Not as unhappy as he looks, I think. :)

Stereo massage! And look at our happy massage faces. :)

And then somehow (I honestly don't remember how these seconds of awesomeness happened - I just kind of rolled with it) we started talking about making sounds and shaking different body parts at the same time? How did we even ... I don't know. But it looked like this:

And then I hade to take a group photo of the shakers. :) I know it doesn't translate as funny on words and pictures - you just hade to be there.

Braiding the beard.

Photographing the photographer!

And all of a sudden it was time for the ending ceremony ...

... and applause for the amazing organisers.

After that, we spent quite a while just walking around and saying goodbye to old and new friends. Dance life is amazing, but constantly saying goodbye to people you love because they live far away - that part really sucks.

Here's a photo I didn't take: I got the compliment of the year, from someone I barely know. It was something along these lines (I'm paraphrasing - I don't remember it exactly): "I like your sense of humour. It's like you see the ridiculous in everything, but instead of judging it you take joy out of it". You have to know me very well to know just how many layers of meaning this seemingly simple comment has to me; thoughts about humor, joy and fun have been following me around for a long time and in many circles throughout my life I have been, and am still, known as the constant killjoy. So when someone I have only very recently met immediately sees something that feels so intrinsic to me personally, but that not everyone sees, it makes it all the more important, you know?

And then we packed our bags, our memories and ourselves into Daniel's car and drove home to Gothenburg. (This photo is where Louise explains that she just recently realised how to correctly use the ketchup containers at Max. Sandra is in awe. :))

Imogen Heap | Goodnight and Go

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