swingin' spring 2017: classes

This year at Swingin' Spring, I actually got to take (some) classes even though I was the official photographer! How neat is that. I guess with experience, you learn to plan your time better ... (And also, you realise after a while that you don't need to take as many photos as you think, because no matter how good they are, no one will want to look through 500 photos after the event.)

So I chose to take jazz classes this weekend, and I had So. Much. Fun.

Lunch break!

And stretch break? :)

The people who took lindy hop classes looked like they had a pretty good time, too:

... but I must say that I do feel sorry for everyone who didn't have the Sunday at Swingin' Spring that I had. And the Sunday that I had, was three hours of jazz classes with Cat Foley. If you ever get the chance to take classes with her - do it!

Calvin Harris | Heatstroke

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