swingin' spring 2017: thursday

Swingin' Spring time, people! I was the official photographer, but don't worry, I won't post all the photos in the blog ... Just a lot of them. :) This one may very well be my favorite dance photo ever!

It's a tradition by now (I think?) that we start off the weekend with dancing at Polketten, Liseberg, on Thursday. It's a really nice setting for an evening dance!

(And yes it is still a little weird to walk past places I walked past 25 times a day when I worked as a carol singer at Liseberg. I'll get over it in a couple of years or so. :))

All kinds of lovely people were there!

The Butterbeans had a great show ...

... and thanked their choreographer, Anne.

So many beautiful people in one place! What's a photographer to do? :)

Buddy Johnson And His Orchestra | One Of Them Good Ones

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