You know that feeling of peak happiness, that happens now and then; the feeling that now, now, right this moment, everything is perfect; I am happier in this moment than I've ever been before, ever? I had it this Sunday. For hours. I love how that feeling hits me, fills my lungs with new air and gratitude.

There's this thing that Liam does, which is to take me to see pretty places just because I love it. So when we have a weekend at home (which we almost never do, because too many fun things happen all the time, but I appreciate it when we do), we tend to spend the Saturday doing nothing (we're so good at that!), and the Sunday going on a daytrip to somewhere beautiful, like Caernarfon or the Peak District.

So last Sunday, Liam took me to Snowdonia. I want to go for long walks, and Liam doesn't want to walk at all necessarily, so we compromised and picked a short walk. :)

We walked around Llyn Idwal. It was drizzling here and there, very mild, and the air tasted wonderful.

And it felt so much like home, but closer: Landscape like this is many hours trainride north of Gothenburg, and you can't go there to hike this time of year (because snow and storms). I can't even tell you how much I loved it. And the colours made my knees weak.

We had Jaffa Cakes!

I've tried so many times, talking about hiking, to describe what it is that makes me so happy about mountains and views like this. I always fail.

I've learned now that England and Wales only have 13 national parks, so obviously I've now decided that I need to go see them all. I can't wait. Let me know if you want to come!

However, be warned: Any walk with me will take at least 50% longer than you're used to, because of constant photo breaks.

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