light across the mersey

Wednesdays are Mersey Swing days, and last Wednesday, Liam was teaching and we had dinner with friends planned, so we decided to go up to Liverpool a bit earlier than usual.

We had a yummy lunch at the Egg and then I left this cutie there to work while I went for a walk.

It must be difficult to be Liverpool and have the weight of the Beatles constantly on your shoulders. But this particular bit of Beatles related art, I quite liked.

I'm really enjoying getting to know Liverpool better.

Liverpool is pretty in general, but this bit is my favourite. I love walking along the docks, and look at this light! I want to eat it!

After my walk we met up with Mersey Swing friends at Pen Factory.

And then it class time with Jane and Liam, before heading home again (well. We also stopped at the pub for a drink with a group of dancers before going home, because as you know it is impossible to ever do anything in this country without stopping at the pub).

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