födelsedagsmiddagen 2018

This year so few people were free on the day I decided to have my birthday party, that instead of the traditional chaotic waffle party I normally have, I decided on just having a dinner. With cocktails. :) (Not having a birthday celebration at all is obviously not an option.) And it was the best decision I could have made.

When I was younger I would have been devastated that so many people couldn't make it to my party (time spent together being my secondary love language and all); this year I was just pleased to get so much quality time with the beautiful people who did make it. It was perfect. (And concerning everyone who weren't there, I just felt "too bad for them that they missed this beautiful party". Isn't growing up amazing?!)

There were cocktails! Liam ended up making Elderflower Sours for almost everyone, because they are so delicious.

Julia was afraid that there wouldn't be coffee, since she knows I don't drink it. But I always have coffee at home for guests. So coffee + Baileys happened. :)

Fredrik in a good mood pt I

Fredrik in a good mood pt II

Dr. Kate in the process of determining the sex of a fruit fly. :)

And then we had ice cream with accoutrements as Tove expressed it (chocolate sauce and liquorice sauce and mini marshmallows and chopped hazelnuts and sprinkles. Because life is better with all of those things) and just chatted and sang and had a generally lovely time until, well, several cocktails later. :)

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