the blues gardeners outtakes

I love group photos. And my favorite thing to do (as anyone who's been photographed by me will know) is to ask people to change places. People can't hold their chosen, stiff poses when you only have five seconds to find a completely new spot and pose, so it makes for some very ... alive photos. :)

When I took the photo above, a group photo of the Blues Gardeners in the week leading up to Dig Deeper, obviously there were a lot more of them than just that one. And I thought it would be fun to take this opportunity to show the outtakes, just because they are all weird and lovely.

These people have been so close to me for five years, we've been on so many adventures together while creating the Blues Garden, and I can't even look at these photos without smiling out of sheer gratitude.

Heather Small | Proud

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