my autumn break

I've had a wonderful twelve days in the UK. It's been so relaxed, I've had a proper autumn break with long walks and a lot of quiet time just like I wanted. These are some photos from one of my first days here, walking around Chester while Liam was at work. Now that we've decided not to live in Chester in the spring (much excite!), I needed to squeeze the last drops out of this stunning city with its black and white architecture, its famous Rows, its Roman city walls.

We've been to Bristol, as you've already seen; we've spent time with Liam's family in Birmingham; we've to Liverpool and to Manchester and to Wales - I have so many photos to show you from all this. I also managed to pull a muscle in my chest (!?!) while I was asleep (!?!?!?!?) witch kept me in bed for almost two days (moving my chest even the tiniest bit was quite painful, but it healed itself and I'm fine now). Most of all we've spent time at home. Watching films, eating pizza, talking, talking, talking. Can you believe it's been almost a year and everything is still just getting better and better? 100% recommend.

Christy Altomare | Journey to the Past from Anastasia

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