giants & smackdown

Two weeks ago I spent the weekend in Liverpool, for Mersey Smackdown, the local lindy exchange. I was delighted to be there and had a lot of fun, but I was quite photo tired from recent adventures and work, so I took very few photos. Here they are:

Liam and I spent the whole Saturday relaxing and doing things like sleeping in, eating, and playing Exploding Kittens. It was perfect.

Except for the first photo in this blog post, this is the only photo of dancing I took the whole weekend - a very unusual behaviour.

Photo by Cheeky Rastall Photography

Luckily, Georgie was there and took this photo of me and Liam dancing. <3

Photo by Cheeky Rastall Photography

And she took this one of me in the Mix and Match! I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, why my legs are straight, why my hand is bent at a funny angle, or what move I'm in the middle of ... But I know I had fun. (Also, I won! My very first lindy win ever! I was so happy! I never thought I'd win anything in lindy, ever.)

On the Sunday, we went to see the Giants. I was in awe. Best street performance I've seen in a long while.

And after the tea dance (which was so lovely - fabulous dancers to dance with, good friends to chat with and rocky road to put in my tummy) many of us went for burgers; this is Andrea and Jane.

Thanks for a fun weekend, Mersey Swing! I'll be back. As you know. :)

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