the spoonful 2016

Spoonful! Three weeks ago already! I was dancing a lot more than I was taking pictures, but there are always some photos whenever I travel, of course. :)

Let's start with dinner at Leigh's place on Wednesday night, when I had just arrived in Edinburgh. These people are such a joy to be around.

Then I had a day of walking around Edinburgh which I've already blogged about - you can see those posts here and here if you like.

Friday meant some really great dancing to watch!

On Saturday I was invited to lunch at the apartment that Mattias and Anna rented. Here's a very typical photo of Mattias doing what he does best (you know, except running marathons and genereally being the nicest person around): eating. :)

And here's Anna's première in the blog! Welcome Anna! :)

Beautiful dust. And that's the only photo I took during the dance on Saturday night - I was busy being in my first solo blues competition ever, making finals, having an insane amount of fun and then having a wodnerful dance night, practically beaming with joy the entire time. It was just so much fun. You can watch the finals here. :)

Sunday class demos! Featuring Annette ... with spoons. Yes, that moment really happened. :)

The Spoonful gals! If it wouldn't have been for all their hard work, we wouldn't have this fabulous event. I'm so thankful!

I HATE having to say goodbye to these beautiful people (and all my other dance friends as well, of course) all the time, not knowing when I'll see them again. This traveling-for-dance-life that we do is complicated in that sense. At least I know it's the fact that I like people so much, that makes it hard to say goodbye to them.

And then, the Spoonful Mega Games. :)

Sunday Night was at beautiful Voodoo Rooms. The band was brilliant and I felt like I didn't even need to dance (although I did dance some, of course), because it was so nice to just be there, taking it all in.

I feel like I have repeated myself so much on how good this event was, that I all have left to say is: See you all next year, then?

Esther Phillips | Aged and Mellow Blues

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