walking in edinburgh pt 1

Edinburgh! Such a lovely place. So much to see and beauty in every corner.

I was there last week for the Spoonful, a blues dance event I'd heard lots of good things about, but I decided as is my custom these days to go a day early to see some more of the city. I spent that day walking, seeing and photographing, like I so often do. And this is what I saw:

In the afternoon I continued walking, but indoors, at the National Museum of Scotland, which was a fascinating and beautiful place.

They had a rooftop terrace ...

... but my favorite was the space room.

I decided to split this day in two posts, since I took so many photos, so there's more to come! (I've been in Edinburgh once before; four years ago, on a choir trip with the chamber choir from the Academy of Music and Drama. Here is the Edinburgh tag if you want to see those pictures.)

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