saturday afternoon in berlin

On Saturday afternoon in Berlin, Mattias and I took a long walk. It's something we just really like to do when we're traveling (for example: Dublin and Amsterdam), and Berlin is just made for walking around and taking photographs.

Last time I was here was also my first time, in October 2014. The light then was just insane, it was paradise, I wanted to eat it. Just look: here and here. (In that last post, I wrote I was the craziest version of myself this afternoon, there was so much visual stimuli everywhere that I jumped, waved and coughed with happiness. And I was, and am, so thankful to have friends who don't love me despite me being that way, but because I am that way. Thank you. I still feel that way. <3)

GAH so much pretty everywhere!

After a while, we stumbled upon a wonderful community space.

It was time for a (very late) lunch, and it was pretty great sitting there eating amongst the trees.

And then we walked around and looked at the garden some more. Everything was pretty.

And of course they had a book binding workshop. Duh! :)

All in all, it was a lovely afternoon. So happy to have this amazing person as my pianist and travel companion!

And then, it was already time to go back to the apartment and get ready for our gig later in the evening. Hej hej! :)

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