blues baby blues

I had such a lovely time at Blues Baby Blues.

Basically forgot to take photos. Busy dancing and having feelings.

But here's a photo I took: Dagmar, Miranda and Liam as the Sky is Crying (the theme was "come as your favorite blues song"). How beautiful are they?

And here's my friend Anna DJ:ing.

But luckily, I had Michael with me, and he took photos! Of me! Dancing! I'm so glad to have these:

Here I am with Aggie in the Mix & Match prelims. All I knew when signing up was that there was going to be a twist. Well, there were plenty. :) For this round we had to tie one leg together. That as difficult. But fun. :)

And in the next round we had to keep a balloon between us while dancing.

I made finals and got paired up with the amazing Samuel Tinguely! And we got costumes! I was handed a bag with a note saying "posh lady". Which, I'm afraid to say, I was pretty good at? :)

Also, we placed third! At Blues Baby Blues! And I have that feeling again, the same feeling I had placing second at Berlin Blues Explosion and Blues in the Hudd: What the hell is happening? I must be getting good at this? Or something?

Walking to the tube after a long and intense night.

On Sunday, I only took these two, of the decorations at the pub where we were dancing. Other than that, life happened. It tends to do that to me, you know?

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