I went to london

Oops! I seem to be traveling quite a lot lately? And people think I am "a little" crazy. But it's just that life is so much fun. And there is so much of it, so much life to be had. So much beauty, I can't not want to take it all in. So I went to London. I went mostly to dance (Blues Baby Blues!) but I felt more like touristing in the daytime than taking classes. So I stayed with Michael over the weekend and we had an amazing time, basically.

They have weird squirrels imported from over the pond! Squirrels should be tiny and reddish brown. These are all wrong. But still cute. Though not as cute.

Look at that lovely Australian!

Also, look at that crazy Australian!

On Friday, we went to the Design Museum. Because I had never been, and design!

I was impressed, it was really well done.

Read this and almost cried, because am me.

Stuffs I care most about in design:

1. Maps
2. Fonts
3. Other things that are flat
4. Things that are not flat.

It was a very lovely Friday.

Freddie King | You've Got To Love Her With A Feeling

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