best of 2017: portraits

Portraits. People and photography together. What's not to love? These are some of my favourites from last year.

In chronological order:

Jens, a few hours into New Year's Day.

Julia & Lisa at the Twelfth Night's Ball at the Opera.

Daniel & Emmeline at the Blues Garden.

Johan at our usual Thursday afternoon hot chocolate fika.

Johannes at his parents' place one late May evening.

Jens, on his 38th birthday.

Annette, Nikola and Leigh at Stockholm Blues Fest.

Fabian at Swingin' Spring.

Solveig & Anders outside their home in Östergötland.

Rosie, one July evening in Yorkshire.

Sigga at the Spoonful.

David waiting with me at the crossing next to the Nallo hut.

Matilda & Adrian outside the Alesjaure hut in the Abisko mountains.

Johanna & David at the Medieval Week in Visby.

Rebecca & Martin on their wedding day, in Åhus, Skåne.

Ulrich, walking along the river Spree in Berlin.

Philippa and Michael; both photos taken very late, or rather very early in the morning, at Berlin Blues Explosion.

Maja and Karin preparing for the show Hjälp! at Musikens Hus.

Liam, on our first date, in London.

Anna, Mattias & Johanna at Strömma Farmlodge Christmas market.

Liam, in my kitchen.

Johannes & Nore on Christmas Day.

I saved the best for last: Obviously, the photo above is my favorite portrait in all of 2017. These fabulous amazing kind intelligent women that I get to surround myself with? What would I do without them. Back row: Julia, Carro, Anna H, Anna C. Front row: Sofia, Tove, Sara, Karin.

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