buttery biscuit bass

Oh hello England! Let's start the weekend with a lindy class. Well, I had hurt my shoulder, so I didn't take the class. But just watching Liam teach is really fun.

I'm really glad tea is not a person, because if tea was a person Liam would be dating them instead of me.

Rehearsal time! I sang with the band at Liam's birthday party later that night, so we spent a few hours together in the afternoon and rehearsed twelve songs. Such an honour to sing with David & Russell!

And then, party! It was a brilliant party and I took loads and loads of photos, so that will have to be its own post later.

The day after the party we had the laziest Sunday in the history of ever. He made Eggs Benedict, which I love. Because OBVIOUSLY I'm not the one cooking in this relationship, as anyone who has ever met me will already know.

It's difficult to restrain myself from completely immersing myself in the mutuality of this, the togetherness. I'm full to bursting with smiles and bubbles, delighted and slightly embarrassed at how much time he apparently can spend gazing adoringly at me, across rooms full of people, and while I'm dancing in class, my dance partner says "you know, it's so lovely how Liam can't keep his eyes off you while you're dancing". I didn't know it was so obvious to other people, but the fact that there's no use in trying to hide something of this magnitude is the warmest feeling.

This love is happening, and I trust it. I'm not making it up. It's happening, and I'm in it, acutely aware of it in the moment, not reviewing it after it's passed, deciding something was love because I needed it to be, carefully putting pieces together to create a picture I imagined I wanted ... this is not that. It's happening, I'm living it, right now, savouring it. This is by far the most beautiful thing I've ever been part of. Who knew that this is what love would be like?

Swede Mason feat. Gregg Wallace & John Torode | Masterchef Synesthesia (Buttery Biscuit Bass)

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