sunday at hygge blues

Last day of Hygge Blues! This might be my favourite photo from the whole weekend. Arja, Piotr and Helene, I can't wait to hug and dance with you again! So very Hygge. :)

Anyways ... Here's my morning:

We had Miranda over for breakfast, because <3

Then there were classes:

And then there was social dancing, and as you know, Sunday is always the best:

Stefano Ronchi. Love this guy's music so much!

The fika and candy table was lovely and, as we see, necessary. :)

No wait! I know I've said this before (so many times ...), but these photos are actually my favourites from the weekend:

Thanks for letting me capture your joy, Piotr and Sandra! :)

Later that night, Stefano Ronchi kept us all mesmerized with his music. When people sit down to just listen and enjoy the music, there is a special kind of magic in the air. I missed Liam (who went back home earlier that evening) a lot in that moment, but I know that this urge to share everything with him is a beautiful thing, and I cherish it.

Thank you Hygge Blues organisers for creating this lovely event, and for inviting me as your photographer! See you next year. :)

Espen Eriksen Trio | Anthem

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