friday at hygge blues

Hygge Blues in Copenhagen - what a beautiful, beautiful weekend. Admittedly, I'm severely biased because of reasons I'm about to tell you, but even without that, this was one of those dance events that had everything on my list - a lovely and loving atmosphere, attention to detail, inspiring live music, and lots and lots of fika. :)

I was the official photographer (which I loved!), and here are some Friday favourites:

- - -

To be honest, I had had a long week, and I struggling a bit in the beginning of the evening. Having gone straight to the venue from the train, I was tired and cranky and it was difficult to get into dancing like I would want to. And also: I had this ridiculous feeling that being at a dance event without Liam is somehow ... less, and it made me miss him more than I already did. It had been two weeks since I saw Liam, and I knew it was going to be another week, and three weeks apart is no fun. It’s doable, of course. But I’m not loving it. At first, we said that four weeks without seeing each other was too much, three weeks is ok and would probably be how often we’d see each other on average, and two weeks is good. That time frame shifted rapidly - two weeks apart became the average, and now, three weeks is ... well, it’s no fun.

I was stood in the cloak room, talking to Miranda, who asked how I was feeling; I said that I’m a bit low ... I just really miss Liam.
And exactly one second later, he walked in the door.
And I stared and gasped and said Oh my god?! ... oh my god?!
And then I must have moved towards him, or he towards me, because the next thing I remember is his arms around me.

The rest of the evening - well, the rest of the weekend - was bliss. It was bliss. And dancing, and sudden outbursts of hysterical giggling and attack kissing/ aggressive sniffing of Liam, and giddy, delighted frustration at all the LIES he told me the week before to cover up the fact that he was coming to Copenhagen this weekend rather than seeing friends in Manchester. And more dancing. And brutal face ache from all the smiling.

The thing is: that kind of thing, is usually me. I’m the one in every relationship who will come up with surprises, show up unexpectedly to make someone happy, invent birthday parties, prioritise time together even when it’s not the ”reasonable” thing to do. No one has ever, ever, ever done anything as romantic for me as this. And I never thought I’d get to have someone like this. But I do.

Also, the cliché that they keep telling you, that you can’t have everything you want in a partner: That is such bullshit. I got it all.

This is Liam's face when he's just realised he was gazing adoringly at me again without noticing. :)

Some more dancing and photography happened in between all the kisses and giggles (seriously I kept saying "you're really here?!?!?!" now and then all weekend):

All these beautiful dancers! It was such a joy to be allowed to capture them.

Also, let me just leave this here:


Solala | Fix You

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