a saturday in manchester

A few weeks ago, I spent a Saturday in Manchester with the best company I could find: Georgie!

She took me on a walking tour around Manchester and showed me all the beautiful interesting colourful places she thought I'd love:

And she was right, I did love it.

We stopped for lunch at a cute café and I giggled to pieces with the fact that in this country, it's chips and coleslaw with everything*. It wasn't even on the menu - it didn't say "served with chips and coleslaw" - it just arrived like this. In Sweden, there would have been a side salad. But no. Chips. With my bread.

*Not true, sometimes it's chips and gravy.

Then, Georgie took me to the John Rylands Library. What a lovely place!

And then, we walked along the canal:

Pretty pretty Manchester.

And when we were done, we had walked almost 20000 steps, and talked for four hours straight. :) Thank you Georgie for this wonderful afternoon!

Then I met up with Mark for dinner. The food was beautiful and vegetarian and yummy, all good things. Fun fact: I've "known" (known of, more like) Mark longer than anyone else in the UK dance community! First appearance in my blog: June 2014. I adore him!

And then I went dancing, but was much too tired after a whole day of new impressions and Englishing to do much dancing at all, let alone photography, other than this one of these pretty lamps.

Imogen Heap | Tiny Human

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