a thursday in herräng

I arrived in Herräng on a Saturday and didn't even look at my camera until Thursday. I was just too busy taking it all in, soaking it all up, being in the middle of it all. But when I woke up on Thursday I decided the urge to take pictures was back, and so I decided to document that day.

11:13 When I wake up, Johanna is already outside reading.

13:26 Some ice cream while I wait for the first class of the day, set to live music by Read. :)

13:34 And this guy passed with a beautiful Takumar lens that made me drool.

14:08 The only class of the week that involved talking rather than dancing. At this point of the week, I was pretty tired, so it was rather nice to sit down, and listen to stories and anecdotes about the swing world as it used to be.

15:39 On my way back to the caravan I passed this class and had to photograph the light (always the light).

15:40 And then I passed my classmate Jeong-Min and had to photograph him too. :)

16:02 Taking a nap. This is my own cosy corner of the caravan. I love it and there is almost space to lie down without bending my legs or curling up in a ball. :)

17:00 Double class with Soochan and Hyun-Jung. Maybe the most energetic teachers I've ever had. :)

21:37 Jonas and Johanna dancing on their way down to Folkets Hus.

22:53 Mattias and I waiting for our turn at the tech rehearsal. Then we played at the cabaret; naturally I don't have any photos of that, but I hope I'll remember the feeling forever. The audience at Herräng is a truly great audience to sing for. I was all happy and fuzzy when I left the stage. Best feeling ever.

01:00 But I did get a photo of the naco plate I had in the green room after we performed. Because being able to relax in that couch with the cabaret on a screen in front of me, and not have to queue for half an hour to get in, or sit on a hard wooden floor, was a rather nice treat.

I didn't get much dancing done that night. I was a little tired, but most of all, I was bombarded with love. It was pretty crazy, I was pleased and happy and completely overwhelmed. So many people - close friends, acquaintances and people I've never even seen before - came up to me and told me, basically, how amazing I am and how much they had enjoyed my singing and our performance, and more or less begged us to sing more during the camp. I never doubted that people would say amazing things about Mattias, since he is a truly extraordinary musician but just sort of refuses to understand it, but me ...? That's a whole other story. (I know, I know ... somewhere in the corner of my eye I can see ta tiny contradiction here ...) Anyways - it was a beautiful experience.

02:54 Taking an early night. Good night Herräng!

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