touristing in edinburgh

Look who I found! It was such a joy to arrive in Edinburgh after my adventures and meet up with my two dear friends, Johanna and Sebastian.

We took an evening walk in Leith (our airbnb was just a couple of minutes away from the venue - so fabulous, let's just always do dance events that way?).

One of Johanna's standard photo faces. :)

Beautiful Leith walk.

Breakfast. We like breakfast. :)

Also, this! Yes, yes, I know I'm weird. "How can you even eat something that sugary?!" Johanna said. But ... it's become a vacation tradition for me to eat this for breakfast in the UK. You can't get things like these in Sweden - and to be honest, I wouldn't want to ... But there's something about vacation, the exception from the rule, that I think is just plain lovely. This London visit when Anna, Carro and I went to London to see Hanson (<3) may have been the start of it.

And then we went touristing!

I find it really lovely how they have hid the train station in the middle of a park.

Here's a weird thing about Edinburgh: Their buskers are good! I thought about this last time, too, when I ended up buying a CD from a musician that I really liked. And I heard several others, too, that I stopped to listen to for several songs. It's so great. (Also coming back to that old realisation that music is everything and everything is musical; I am so blessed with that knowledge, and the knowledge that I have chosen the right profession, the right path; that I couldn't not choose music.)



Love these kinds of ice cream places - "open until we sell-out." (In Göteborg, go to Råda Gelato on Landsvägsgatan to get this kind of ice cream! Local tip of the day.)

Then Johanna and Sebastian wanted to go to the castle, which didn't interest me as much, so I decided to wander around for a bit. Happened upon a library and libraries always need to be visited, obviously. It turned out to be the boring kind where you have to have a membership or something to see the actual books and reading rooms. But! They had an exhibition, with Frank Hurley's photographs from an expedition to Antarctica 1914-1916. The photographs were SO amazing, hauntingly beautiful and technically fascinating. But then photography does things to me, it's like I'm specifically interested in it or something, had you noticed? :)

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