24 hours in London

The title of this blog post is somewhat misleading; I started the day while still in Amsterdam. And I started it in the best way possible, with matcha pancakes (delicious!) at the Breakfast Club, after a recommendation from my brother's girlfriend. Thank you! I had delicious food all weekend in Amsterdam, and this was the perfect way to end the weekend.

Then I switched cities!

... to walk along (and take pictures of) cute London streets, so different from streets back home ...

... and have brownie and ice cream and talk for hours and hours ...

... with this man.

Can't even describe how weird it is to not have met someone for three years (and thinking that you might never meet them again) and then it turns out not only that the world is small, but that you still feel immediately comfortable in their company. This world continues to amaze me.

It is so rare that people take photos of me where I feel like myself, without me directing them and explaining what I want. Michael can do it.

The next morning I went back into town and had breakfast at Prêt. (Took this photo just so you don't think that all I ever eat is instagram worthy pancakes.)

Walking alone through London, much earlier than I usually would, was lovely.

And I was waiting outside Tate Modern when they opened at 10. That has never happened before. :)

After a couple of hours at Tate, I went to King's Cross suuuper early, because London traffic is crazy and I wanted to be sure I had time to take the underground in the wrong direction or something like that. Which I, of course, didn't, but I still didn't catch my train, due to about 50% my own stupidity and 50% dark magic - but more on that in the next post. :)

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