walking in amsterdam

Amsterdam! I had a whole Friday to spend as I wanted on the first day of my trip, and I spent it my favorite way: walking for hours and hours + taking photographs.

I started the day with delicious brunch in De Pijp.

And then I started walking.

This city has so many bikes that they leave bicycle shaped sand traces on the sidewalk?

Around noon was getting really warm outside, and I walked into a supermarket just because of their lovely air conditioner. Found cheese!

But this is what I walked out with. I sat on a bench by a canal, had my picnic lunch and felt very much like a tourist, in the best sense of the word.

Then: more walking.

Found my favorite corner of the whole day! I loved the intersections the most. Bridges and beautiful views everywhere.

After my day on the town, I went back to the apartment to meet Mattias, who had just arrived. (We had our gig with the Gentle Sorrows that night; I wrote about it in this post.)

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