liverpool & cocktails

Random stuff from the last week:

We spent an evening in Liverpool

Had delicious food

Did a lot of walking

Men hur söt är han då?

Then we went to this gorgeous coctail bar, where apparently Liam's taken all his dates ever, which I can understand because SUCH a great date environment. :)

And the cocktails were pretty amazing.

I brought a proper Swedish easter egg and hid it just like you're supposed to on the morning of Easter Eve (or whatever you call that day in English). It took Liam quite some time to find it, and I had a LOT of fun. :)

Pretty pretty spring morning walks. Can't help but adore this neighbourhood.

We went dancing in Manchester! I took these of Liam and Georgie mostly for fun, but also because Georgie is a fabulous photographer, and I know all too well how rarely you get photos of yourself dancing, when you're always the event photographer yourself. (She took these of us!)

It's been a pretty great week.

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