night sightseeing in washington dc

Sometime in the evening (after this day on the road), we arrived in Washington DC, and were treated to supper in this beautiful kitchen. Loren, our host in New York, had asked his parents, Sandy and Paul, if they'd be willing to host us - five women they had never met before - for the night, and they said yes, and treated us like queens! The kind of hospitality I strive for.

And just look at their beautiful home!

This is Ginger, we became friends quickly. :)

And then Sandy asked if we wanted to go on a night tour of the memorials! Uhm, yes of course!

We started with the Jefferson Memorial.

They do like their huuuge statues of men in this country.

I'll take normal sized women like these any day, thanks.

Next up, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial:

That one was my favourite, it told so many stories.

This is the way in to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, but all I could think about was the statues that Atreyu runs through in Neverending Story. I wasn't sure why, because it looks nothing like it, but having seen that scene again now that I'm home, I realise it has the same golden light; I tend to care about different kinds of light, you know.

They do like their huuuge statues of men in this country.


As a park, I liked this one a lot! And I liked that there were so many people enjoying it despite the fact that it was well past midnight when we were there.

National World War II Memorial: Nope. Just nope. A very patriotic, pompous, scary structure to me. But interesting to see, despite, or maybe because of that.

At least we found the lindy hoppers!

And lastly, the Lincoln Memorial.
- So, Abraham Lincoln ... I said to Emily. What did he do?
- You mean for a living? she answered.
We were quite tired at this point. :)

They do like their huuuge statues of men in this country.

also: this view would not be complete without this clip.

Louis Prima | Night Train

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