the blues experiment part II

Tuesday morning at the Blues Experiment!

The mornings were my favourite time in the day; breakfast were at 10, so there was a lot of time (for me) to sit in an armchair in the lounge and relax before that.

(I know they're not ponies, but that was what people screamed when they could be seen from the house. Yes, there were actual wild horses on the beach.)

And then we had sessions and all that and before I knew it it was evening.

And that lazy hour after dinner before social dancing, where people would just hang around and play board games and things like that.

Wednesday afternoon and time for games! Water balloons and giant slingshots!

I didn't take photos because there was water splashing everywhere, but I got these of Virginia. <3

This was so much fun!!! It was only my second time trying VR, but I loved it. I've been flying and exploring and all kinds of fun things. Love it. Vicci doesn't seem unhappy either. :)

And then, later in the evening, it was time for campfire night. And that will have to get its own post later. :)

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